"Contemplation" is the title of my latest painting in the Heritage Series.  It is a portrait of Stonewall Jackson.  My husband,Paul, comes up with most of my titles, but I always have the last say.  I liked this title.  The General was known for his wisdom and daring.  He would have contemplated his stategy, and this pose captures that feeling.
Danny Buckner portrays the General and  served as my model.  It is uncanny how much some of these re-enactors physically resemble the historic character they portray.  They do considerable research into the character of the person and emulate that in word and action.  Danny, David Chaltas, and Stan Dalton will all be at my reception at Blount Mansion Friday night.  I am very excited that the three Generals that I've painted will be there as well as LeAnne Reagan who modeled for "A Mother's Love".  Other re-enactors have indicated they will attend, so "Live at 5" should have several good photo opportunities.  I just hope they promote my paintings.  :-o)
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MTDA Retreat

I spent this past weekend in Manchester, Tennessee at a painting retreat with the Middle Tennessee Decorative Painters.  What a fun time!  We painted.  We laughed.  We ate.  What could be better?! 
This is about the 4th or 5th year that I've taught at this retreat and I look forward to returning each year.  It is very well organized and the Holiday Inn Convention Center does a marvelous job with the food. 
The painting shown is what I taught, Cardinal in Dogwood.  My orignal will be displayed at my Blount Mansion solo show that starts Friday, March 2.  The reception is from 5-8.  I am thrilled and honored that several Civil War re-enactors will attend this "Southern Heritage" show. 
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Low Vision Event

Friday evening the Low Vision Center in Knoxville hosted the inaugral  'Unobstructed View'  fundraising gala.  This lovely event showcased thirty works from various artist in the East Tennessee area.  These juried pieces  were auctioned by a delightful young man from Furrow Auction Company. He did a great job of getting the top bid for each item.
Congratulaions and appreciation go to Debbie Godfrey, the volunteers and Dr. Gilliland for providing this venue for area artists and more importantly to the patrons who supported this worthy effort.
"The Low Vision Center is a 501 c3 non-profit center providing comprehensive vision rehabilitiation services for patients with moderate to severe vision loss."
This event will grow and prosper in the future.
Mr. & Mrs Gunter won the bid for my  painting "Snow Sentry".

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There is nothing like facing a deadline to get me in gear.  This is a month of deadlines with the biggest one being my solo show.  Facing all the pressure has forced me to have a very productive week.
I completed two paintings and have a third well on the way.  The one pictured here is "A Mother's Love".  Actually I've done a bit more touch up on it since I took the photo....when do you ever know when a painting is done?  Oh well, that is a good topic for another day.  This will be the postcard image for my "Southern Heritage" solo show at Blount Mansion in Knoxville the month of March. 
Late last spring, I took several photos of my daugher and grand daughter at an old log cabin in the community.  We were trespassing, but apparently the owner didn't mind, because he waved as he drove by on his tractor. Dave & Elaine Lietzke take pride in maintaining this old homestead so that it will stand for generations to come. 
This attitude is testament to the philosophy of Appalachian people to honor and preserve our history and heritage.
I hope you enjoy the painting.  If you are in Knoxville, TN on March 2, 2007, come by the Blount Mansion for the reception from 5-8 pm.

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Sunday Sermon

"If the LORD delights in a man's way, he makes his steps firm; though he stumble, he will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with his hand."  Psalm 37:23-24.  What a beautiful promise.  GOD is telling me that I may stumble, but I won't fall.  How woderful can it get!  Being human, I, like most people tend to ignore or belittle the big IF.  God makes many promises and he keeps them, it is we, who fail to hold up our end of the bargain. 
My inbox is flooded with emails promising that I can be rich,  lose weight, defy aging,  become a marketing phenom, and so on...  I bet you get them too.  Some may have validity, but even they come with a big IF.  IF you buy their product and IF you follow their plan.  Being human, I want to have all of that, but I don't want to send them X amount of dollars to learn their "secret".  I know the secret already...commit my ways to the LORD and keep on trudging along.  I can't expect good things to just fall out of the sky, I've got to work at it.  So do you!
Have a wonderful day!
ps.  The reception at the Art Market Gallery went great.  Rain, sleet, snow...the proverbial 'winter mix" had wrecked havoc all day, but the sky cleared for the evening and the crowds came.  Thanks to everyone who braved the frigid temperatures to come out. My features will hang through the month. 

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