Summer's End

Better Times
It is hard to believe that this is the first of September, the unofficial end of summer and only 4 months remain in the year.  It means that I have got to get BUSY if I am to accomplish the goals I set.  One of those goals is to do more painting on location.  I've used the excuse of the weather being too hot, but that is changing, so now I need to just do it.
The painting shown is "Better Times".  As we approach this Labor Day holiday may we mindful of all who labor to provide for their families. 
This original oil was painted from life on a linen canvas.  It measures 20"x24".  Fine art giclee reproductions are also available.  Contact me for information or to purchase.

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In Honor of Dads

Momma & Daddy
There was never any doubt in my mind but what I was loved.  Daddy showed my sister, Carolyn, and me that he loved us by word and deed.  Everette and Frances Burchette have been wonderful parents and I am fortunate to still have them.  My husband's Dad, Lois Z. Merritt, passed away a couple of weeks ago after a lingering illness.  Paul and his siblings were able to spend time with him during that period.  Now they take turns caring for their Mother. Paul's family is also close and loving, although they found it more difficult to say the words, "I love you."  Many fathers have difficulty telling their children those simple three words, but it is something that all children need to hear....often! 

My home church, Romeo Methodist in Greeneville, TN celebrated their annual Father / Son cookout tonight.  Everyone is invited to this delightful event and it was good to spend time with Daddy and Momma and others from the place where I grew.  Even though I've been gone for years, it still is home to me. Daddy won the award today for the "oldest father".  He is 80.  I hope that he will receive that award for many, many more years. 

I love you Daddy!  You too Momma! Thanks for loving me!

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To God be the Glory Closeup

To God be the Glory
This is a close up of the nine paintings when they came together as a 12'x12' mural of the crucifixion.

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To God be the Glory

To God be the Glory
Easter Sunday completed a series of sermons our pastor, Marty Shelton at The Church of Rutledge, did on "The Glory of God".  I believe he patterned it from messages by Charles Stanley Jr.and asked that I do the paintings that went along with it.  Nine paintings, some showing the creation, one the birth of Christ, others about the "gods" we chase, were displayed throughout the 4 weeks that the series spanned. 
Marty pointed out that GOD created this world and everything in it and made it  perfect.  We humans messed it up.  We want to put our mark on it.  We want to make it about us rather than putting GOD first and glorifying him.  But GOD loved us so much that he sent his only begotten son to suffer and die for our sins. 
Today, these paintings came together to portray the crucifixion. 
I thank GOD for the talent he gave me and the opportunity to use it to glorify him.  Without him, I am nothing.

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Happy Birthday

Kynleigh Pencil Portrait
Happy 2nd Birthday to my little great niece, Kynleigh Dunbar.  Well actually her birthday was last Friday but they aren't having her party until this Saturday.  At two years of age, kids don't know the difference.  This sketch is my gift to her.  I took the photo used for reference at her cousin Shelby Davenport's 2nd birthday party when Kynleigh was only 3 months old.  I thought it was so sweet that I knew it would be the pose I would use.  Selby's portrait (her second birthday gift) is on my portraits page. 
I haven't done a sketch of my own granddaughter yet.  Her second birthday was in November, so I am behind schedule.  Shame on me! However, I did use her in the painting, "A Mother's Love" maybe I'm not such a bad Nanna after all.

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Happy Holidays

I pray that each visitor to my web site has a very Merry Christmas and that 2007 will bring much prosperity and success. 

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