Holiday Open House at Red Door Gallery

Marie Merritt, Lois Armstrong & Vickie Bolduc at Red Door Gallery
Red Door Gallery in Dandridge, TN held Holiday Open House November 14 & !5.  Pictured with me are my good friend and fellow artist, Lois Armstrong   and Vickie Bolduc, gallery owner.  Other artists featured at the holiday gathering were Kay Alexander, watercolorist and Jeff Bolduc, photographer.
Dandridge is a quaint and lovely town just off I-40 in East Tennessee.  The exceptionally warm weather brought out the holiday spirit or maybe it was all of that good food and the beautiful decorations!
It is going to be a good holiday season!
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Art Market Gallery & Mobile Meals

Knoxville, Tennessee's Mobile Meals selected three works of art from local artists represented at the Art Market Gallery to feature on cards benefiting  the Office on Aging and Mobile Meals.  I was honored that my original oil, "Serenity of Spring" was one of the three.  The paintings and cards were unveiled at the First Friday Gallery Walk.  Pictured are Marie Alcorn from Mobile Meals and artists George Rothery, Brenda Mills, and myself.  My thanks to Erline McKay and her husband Tom for the photo. 
The Art Market Gallery is located on Gay Street between the Brewery Restaurant and Mast General Store. 

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Blowing Rock

I will be exhibiting in Blowing Rock, NC Saturday, Sept. 8 for Art in the Park.  The Chamber of Commerce sponsors this show each month from May through October and I have been invited to exhibit in October as well. 

The weather will be warm, but there is already a hint of fall in the air.  Perhaps it is due to the unseasonably dry weather we have had, but then it is September and autumn is just around the corner. 

Blowing Rock is a picturesque mountain village that offers delightful shopping and sight seeing.  It is just a few miles from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC.  That is the little team that upset Michigan last week in football.  I expect all of western North Carolina is still celebrating. 

"Signs of Spring" is one of my newest works.  This original oil measures 22"x28" and features a red breasted gross beak and purple iris .  The white picket fence adds to the nostalgia. 

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Week in Review


The Virginia Highlands was a nice festival as there were lots of things going on.  People dressed in their clan's tartan plaid came to participate in the Celtic events.  The lively and upbeat music wafted through the air and entertained the exhibitors as well as the people attending the art show.
The best part of any festival is meeting so many wonderful people. 

Faith Lutheran Church in Farragut, TN invited me to hang some of my paintings.  "Faces in Time" is a collection of 10 of my portraits.  I thought the Madonna portrait, that I did from life, was appropriate for the location.    Their web site is

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Morristown Art Association Show

Morristown Art Assoication Brenda Duggar Memorial Award
The Morristown Art Association's annual juried show is at Rose Center through the end of June.  I was honored to win two awards in the event.  "A Mother's Love" received the prestigious "Brenda Dugger Memorial Award".  I even got my picture in the paper because of that!  Ouch....I looked old and fat, but I was happy!   My "Spring at Clinch Mountain Overlook" received a Merit Award. Seventy beautiful pieces were chosen for the show out of the 107 entered. 
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To God be the Glory Closeup

To God be the Glory
This is a close up of the nine paintings when they came together as a 12'x12' mural of the crucifixion.

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To God be the Glory

To God be the Glory
Easter Sunday completed a series of sermons our pastor, Marty Shelton at The Church of Rutledge, did on "The Glory of God".  I believe he patterned it from messages by Charles Stanley Jr.and asked that I do the paintings that went along with it.  Nine paintings, some showing the creation, one the birth of Christ, others about the "gods" we chase, were displayed throughout the 4 weeks that the series spanned. 
Marty pointed out that GOD created this world and everything in it and made it  perfect.  We humans messed it up.  We want to put our mark on it.  We want to make it about us rather than putting GOD first and glorifying him.  But GOD loved us so much that he sent his only begotten son to suffer and die for our sins. 
Today, these paintings came together to portray the crucifixion. 
I thank GOD for the talent he gave me and the opportunity to use it to glorify him.  Without him, I am nothing.

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Happy Birthday

Kynleigh Pencil Portrait
Happy 2nd Birthday to my little great niece, Kynleigh Dunbar.  Well actually her birthday was last Friday but they aren't having her party until this Saturday.  At two years of age, kids don't know the difference.  This sketch is my gift to her.  I took the photo used for reference at her cousin Shelby Davenport's 2nd birthday party when Kynleigh was only 3 months old.  I thought it was so sweet that I knew it would be the pose I would use.  Selby's portrait (her second birthday gift) is on my portraits page. 
I haven't done a sketch of my own granddaughter yet.  Her second birthday was in November, so I am behind schedule.  Shame on me! However, I did use her in the painting, "A Mother's Love" maybe I'm not such a bad Nanna after all.

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"Contemplation" is the title of my latest painting in the Heritage Series.  It is a portrait of Stonewall Jackson.  My husband,Paul, comes up with most of my titles, but I always have the last say.  I liked this title.  The General was known for his wisdom and daring.  He would have contemplated his stategy, and this pose captures that feeling.
Danny Buckner portrays the General and  served as my model.  It is uncanny how much some of these re-enactors physically resemble the historic character they portray.  They do considerable research into the character of the person and emulate that in word and action.  Danny, David Chaltas, and Stan Dalton will all be at my reception at Blount Mansion Friday night.  I am very excited that the three Generals that I've painted will be there as well as LeAnne Reagan who modeled for "A Mother's Love".  Other re-enactors have indicated they will attend, so "Live at 5" should have several good photo opportunities.  I just hope they promote my paintings.  :-o)
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Dogwood Arts

    Yeah for the Colts!  Peyton had a huge monkey fall from his back tonight.  I am not a big NFL fan, but am a faithful University of Tennessee fan and since Peyton Manning was a true Volunteer, then I have to pull for him.  Ok, enough football.  This is an art blog.
Jean - Claude Killy, a skier from years ago, said "I will always be someone who wants to do better than others.  I love competition." I don't love competition for competition sake, but I do think it helps you improve.  So, to that end, I like to enter art shows.  Today I dropped off a painting for the Knoxville Dogwood Arts Limited Edition Print. 

Typically an art competition will have one juror.  A juror may love your work and give a painting a top award, yet the same painting may not even be accepted to hang for the next competition.  The appreciation of art is subjective. 

The Dogwood Show is to be juried by the public this year.  This novel approach should be interesting.  My guess is that the best painting will win.
If you are in Knoxville, stop by the "Three Flights Up Gallery" at 100 S. Gay Street, and cast a vote for my "Tennessee Treasurers".  I'll give you a big hug!
If you like someone else's for mine anyhow. I'll give you a really big hug!

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To blog or not to blog

To blog or not to blog...that is the question.  My appologies to

Shakespeare, but I'm sure if he were alive today, he would be


This Friday and Saturday our Grainger County ARTS group will have the

2nd annual "Old Time Christmas" festival.  Last year's event was

well received and while we don't have the same feature publicity the

news media graciously gave us then, I expect it to be well attended.

Oil paintings of birds have been good for me and one of my feature

paintings for the holiday season is Winter Blues, a sweet little blue

bird, caught in an early snow storm.  I think it is rather

appropriate for this first post, as there is a chance for snow in the


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